[ application fields ]

The quality of our solutions serving a variety of industries

Industrial and agricultural sectors, energy, forestry, food and much more: the fields served by Bertazzi’s solutions are varied and pertain to the most diverse areas. Each one must meet precise requirements: they all rely on the know-how, expertise and high performance of Bertazzi’s staff, with maximum collaboration to achieve the best results.

[ solutions for the industrial sector ]

Bronze worm gears with a cast iron or steel hub are designed for all industrial companies manufacturing gearmotors and gearboxes for lifts, hoists and lifting platforms.

[ solutions for the building and construction industry ]

To a large extent, all-bronze worm gears are intended for the construction sector, especially for earth-moving machines such as excavators.

[ solutions for the agricultural sector ]

Bronze worm gears are intended for agricultural businesses requiring the use of transmission systems such as forestry machines, combine harvesters, feed mixers, and motor hoes. In the field of digital innovation, the agricultural sector is making considerable progress: Bertazzi’s solutions offer the ideal means to move forwards.

[ solutions for the energy sector ]

Bertazzi bronze worm gears find specific application in the wind and photovoltaic industry. Personally contributing to the energy transition, through its affordable and safe solutions Bertazzi promotes the use of clean energy.

[ solutions for the forestry sector ]

The bronze worm gear and steel screw kit is designed to make felling heads with delimbers for the forestry sector. Mechanical felling requires suitable and compliant components – all featured in Bertazzi solutions.

[ solutions for the food industry ]

Bronze worm gears with a stainless steel hub by Bertazzi are intended for food industry operations requiring the support of food machinery such as bottle filling, dosing and labelling machines, bottle washing machines as well as grain crushing machines. Through its innovative solutions, Bertazzi contributes to the evolution of robotics in the food industry.